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We are not your typical singles boat ride.

                          So...stow you luggage aboard ship and leave your baggage at the pier!


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Winter Escape


Dec. 6 - Dec. 21, 2014 Start1ing at $1749.00




Oct. 17- Nov. 1, 2014

Starting at $1749.00


Pre-Spring Zing

Southern Caribbean

May 11 - 19,  2015

Starting at $2549.00

New Friends Cruises presents - The Reinvent Yourself Cruise


Join us on a  hosted ocean vacation and in addition to all the fun and adventure of an ocean voyage, you will also have an opportunity to set sail on an inner journey, a journey to Reinventing Yourself. Our professional motivational facilitators will lead you through a series of fun paradigm shifting interactive workshops that will enlighten, entertain and awaken your personal excellence. Start now and see how truly enjoyable life can be by becoming a fresh new person in a most fantastically new way. Bring home the wonderful memories of a perfect enrichment cruise together with a galley full of great new people skills. Skills that will enrich your relationships, brighten your careers and put that a big happy smile of self confidence on your face.




Trans-Pacific Crossing

  Aug. 30 - Sept. 21, 2014

Starting  at $2529.00





Picture this in your mind. You are on a voyage to a fresh new you where you finally have the time and are in a perfect place to explore, challenge, achieve the fun, excitement and rewards of reinventing yourself through crafting your personal appeal.


Taking this enrichment cruise hosted by New Friends Cruises is your opportunity to share an ocean adventure with a banquet of congenial people. People like you. People whose goals are to build unforgettable memories, meet the best of new friends and become more skillful at life, love and living. Let us show you how to set your inhibitions on cruise control and raze your spirits to an all time high. So whether itís your annual girlfriend's getaway, a second honeymoon or the nurturing of a special relationship, do this: Stow your luggage onboard ship, leave your baggage at the dock and get onboard for the best ocean cruise you will ever experience.


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